You know what is really annoying?

The fact that the main reason Kris left was because he was denied his creative freedom by SM. He wasn’t allowed to rest the amount that he needed to and he wasn’t allowed to pursue his acting career. But not long after he leaves,

  • Lay gets a deal to host…

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Baekhyun not speaking up about his dating issue while letting Taeyeon speak about it kind of amuses me. It sort of validates the fact he doesn't have balls to own up to his action. Alright we get it, he's free to date anyone (I personally think Taeyeon could do so much better but hey i don't have a say on who they should like) but he should atleast acknowledge that he couldn't keep his promise to his fans & own up to his relationship w/Taeyeon like a man not some 13 yr old crushing on his nanny.

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Perfect example of double standards.

When the members spoke up during the kris situation no one chose to believe them and instead said the managers took their phone and controlled their sns. Now, when no one speaks up people call him a coward.

Take a moment to think, maybe we brought this on ourselves.  


140627 Exo | Waiting Room

Suho : Moderate, looking at his phone, looked up often to laugh at chanyeol’s jokes
Baekhyun : Bad, lowered his cap which almost covered his face, he kept playing with his fingers he looked restless
Chanyeol : Good, continuously telling jokes and making everyone laugh (not their usual laughter)
Kyungsoo : Not very good, sitting in front of the makeup stand
Kai : Moderate, dancing and listening to songs with his earphones
Sehun : Moderate, using his phone
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Poor baek :(